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Kate and Robert keep their baby plan a secret in new Coronation Street scene

But are Rana and Michelle set to discover all?

Published: Monday, 3rd December 2018 at 10:20 am

Robert and Kate look set to go ahead with their baby plan on tonight's Coronation Street, but decide to keep things a secret from both Michelle and Rana. As can be seen in this new sneak-peek clip, the pair are currently in the dark about the legalities of what they've decided. Robert hasn't changed his mind, but doesn't want to treat their arrangement as a mere transaction as he has a desire to be a dad to the baby rather than just a sperm donor. So do they need a legal contract to keep everything above board?


In the end, the two of them decide to consult legal eagle Adam about their idea - but not to put their own respective partners in the picture. But is this course of action fraught with risk?

After all, scenes to be shown on Friday 14 December will see Michelle announce to a stunned Robert that she’s ready to have a kid with him, all of which could put a stop to his and Kate's scheme. Asked recently how Michelle would react if she discovered that Robert had been secretly plotting with Kate, actress Kym Marsh said:

"She would be devastated. He hadn’t even given her time to really consider his idea before he rushed headlong into another plan, which is really doomed to failure. Plus he didn’t even discuss it with her first, how hurtful is that?

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"After everything she went through losing her baby boy, then finding out Steve had fathered a child with Leanne, the last thing Michelle needs is someone else keeping secrets from her about babies. She had put Robert first by going to talk to someone about the idea, and meanwhile he was off planning to have a baby with someone else!"


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