It’s a small world in soapland, as a figure from Steve McDonald’s past is set to make an unexpected return – thanks to his neighbour, Emma Brooker.


Emma, played by newcomer Alexandra Mardell, is left distraught when her terminally ill father reveals he is not her biological parent, but has always loved her like his own.

The new trainee hairdresser is comforted by Audrey Roberts, who recognises the photo of Emma's mum on her phone as Fiona Middleton – Steve’s ex-girlfriend who was played by Angela Griffin, and was last seen on screen in 1998.

A shocked Audrey confides in Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard), with the brassy barmaid informing her son that he may actually have another daughter.

Things are set to get even more thorny for Steve, who after spotting a tearful Emma, offers to take her to visit her father as he is laid to rest.

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As she mournfully tells him she can’t even afford a coffin, Steve slips her £600 from his joint account - which sets Tracy Barlow’s (Kate Ford) nose out of joint when she discovers money is missing.

But with Steve now researching paternity tests online, will he be surprised at what he’s about to discover?

Angela Griffin plays Astrid

The shock news has been teased for months, with Mardell discussing her character's "layers" on Lorraine earlier this year.

"There are lots and lots of different layers to this girl, that's what I love about Corrie,” she said.

"We'll find out more about her. There's a lot more to her."

The news also comes after it was confirmed that Griffin was planning a brief return to the soap at some point this year.

“Angela’s return is short and sweet but it has huge implications for Steve,” a TV source told The Sun.

“She’s back on screens and will find out that the dates that he was with Fiona tally up to when Emma was born.”


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