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Coronation Street car crash horror as David Platt puts kids in danger

First look at the shock smash

Coronation Street David
Published: Tuesday, 4th February 2020 at 7:00 am

David Platt pushes himself too far on Coronation Street, when he's so exhausted that he crashes his car into a skip – while his kids are in the vehicle.


The put-upon parent is shattered after yet another visit to wife Shona Platt at the specialist medical unit in Leeds where she is recovering from complications after being shot.

coronation street david platt

Not only did Corrie favourite Shona slip into a coma and almost die after becoming a victim of the horrific Christmas Day siege on the cobbles, but when she did wake up she had amnesia and didn't recognise her own husband and family.

While Shona receives treatment in the rehab unit (to accommodate Goulding's real-life maternity leave), David is run ragged driving up and down to the Yorkshire city to check on his spouse. On Monday 10th February he arrives home and gets straight back in the car to take children Max and Lily to the school play, but he's so tired he loses concentration at the wheel and ploughs the motor into a skip.

Luckily there are no casualties, and the trio manage to free themselves from the wreckage. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the car itself which mechanic Kevin Webster is forced to declare a write-off.

coronation street david platt

While David worries about how he'll keep up his regular visits to the hospital without access to a car, he takes the train to Leeds on Wednesday 12th February – only to be told by doctors that confused Shona has requested she does not want to see him any more.

Returning to the street utterly devastated, David turns to old friend Maria Connor and offloads about Shona's rejection. Seeing his palpable refusal to turn his back on Shona in the hope it helps shake her memory loss, the kindly crimper offers her colleague use of her own car.

coronation street david platt maria connor

David is grateful for the gesture and pushes on with his plan to shake Shona out of her amnesia by reminding her of the life she has forgotten. However, what if he does more harm than good and curtails her slow recovery? And having put himself, along with Max and Lily, in jeopardy because of his single-mindedness, what potentially dangerous lengths is he prepared to go to in order to keep his clan together?

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