Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow tempted by Tina McIntyre lookalike?

Carla puts Peter to the test next week


Is Peter Barlow a changed man? It’s the question that Carla will be asking herself in next week’s Coronation Street when she puts the alcoholic-bookmaker-philanderer-turned-factory-investor to the test to see whether he really is a reformed character. As long-time viewers will recall, Peter began an affair with Tina back in 2013 on the day of his wedding to Carla. All ancient history now, but with Peter having recently kissed Carla after becoming her main financial backer at Underworld, she wants to make sure that he really is trustworthy.


New plotline developments on the official Coronation Street website reveal that Carla will come up with a plan to see if Peter can really avoid temptation. The upcoming drama sees her call in a Tina lookalike and insist that Peter completes her interview for a job at the factory. As Peter quizzes the prospective employee, Carla watches on to see whether he falls into her trap.

Actor Chris Gascoyne recently said of the new storyline: “When interviewing for a new machinist, Carla is struck by how much like Tina one of the applicants is. So she decides to let Peter interview her and see how he handles it. She is testing whether or not he has changed. But will he pass the test? You’ll have to wait and see.”


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