Life on Coronation Street looks set to be as thrilling as ever over autumn and winter with comebacks, new arrivals, fresh relationships and courtroom drama. So let's take a look at what's happening in the months ahead...


Jim’s return
Actor Charles Lawson is already back filming on the Coronation Street set, with Jim to make a comeback alongside Katie, the child that Liz has spent almost 30 years believing to be dead. Hannah Ellis Ryan, 29, is the Australian-born actress who will arrive with Lawson this autumn. Speaking about Jim’s reappearance, Lawson said recently: “They wanted me back full time this year, but I couldn’t do it as I am doing Rebus on stage. I’m going to film a bit, but then will be back again next year.”


Nick’s comeback
The other big autumn returnee is Nick Tilsley, with Ben Price having now re-joined the cast up in Manchester. “Everyone’s really excited to have Ben back. He was definitely missed during his break, but he’s back now and it’s like he’s never been away,” a source told the Sun. Fans can expect Nick back on screens in October.


Imran’s love life gets complicated
The ITV soap looks to be lining up Leanne Battersby as a new love interest for Imran Habeeb. But it appears that she won’t be the only one vying for his attention. The eligible solicitor will get a blast from the past next week when his ex-wife Sabeen turns up at the funeral of Imran’s father Hassan. And there are further complications when ANOTHER Weatherfield resident ends up getting involved with the lusty legal eagle!


Maureen Lipman debuts
Coronation Street has been missing an acid-tongued battleaxe, but fear not: Maureen Lipman is set to arrive in the coming weeks as Tyrone Dobbs’s Evelyn Plummer – and she won’t be taking any prisoners. “Evelyn is eye-wateringly withering and will add a fresh dollop of northern humour to the show as she turns Tyrone and Fiz’s lives upside down,” said producer Iain MacLeod.


Billy rescues Sean
Viewers have been fretting about Sean’s welfare of late, but he will finally confide his homelessness secret next week. What we’ll see is Billy running into Sean and his friend Carol while working as a volunteer at a soup van. When it becomes apparent that Carol is in need of medical attention, Billy helps Sean take her to hospital. And pretty soon, a beleaguered Sean is breaking down and admitting to Billy that he’s homeless and needs help. By the end of next week, Carla has been asked to give Sean a job at the factory, so hopefully, he’ll be off the streets very soon.


The end of Josh?
Actor Ryan Clayton has hinted that rapist Josh Tucker won’t be around for much longer: “When you’re a villain, the clock is always ticking,” the Corrie star recently told Inside Soap. But before we get any exit, it seems there’s plenty more drama to come as Billy tries to get a now-blind Josh to confess his sins. “David deserves justice and I know the viewers are interested to know how this will happen,” added Clayton. “Perhaps his punishment has already begun, with the blindness he’s suffered after being attacked – but there’s still a long way to go.”


Sophie’s new girlfriend
Sally’s current legal troubles will see her turn to lawyer friend Paula Cunliffe for help later this week, but little does she realise that the Corrie newcomer will get romantically involved with Sophie. How will Sally react should she discover all about the ‘cougar’ relationship? The character of Paula will be played by actress Stirling Gallacher, who is best known for her role in Doctors as Dr Georgina Woodson, who she played between 2003 and 2009.


Sally goes to prison?
And speaking of Sally - could we be getting a new Free the Weatherfield One campaign? Long-time viewers will remember the battle to get Deirdre freed from jail – now it looks as though poor Sal is going to be facing a similar ordeal. The former Weatherfield mayor’s fraud storyline is set to be a big talking point on the Street in the months ahead: “Sally will go through the criminal process – get your T-shirts ready. It’s going to be quite a big story coming up through the autumn."


Peter is haunted by Tina McIntyre
With Peter set to be Carla’s big investor as she retakes control at the factory, it won’t be long before the Underworld boss is testing her new business partner to see if he can be trusted. Explained actor Chris Gascoyne to What’s On TV: “When interviewing for a new machinist, Carla is struck by how much like Tina one of the applicants is. So she decides to let Peter interview her and see how he handles it. She is testing whether or not he has changed. But will he pass the test? You’ll have to wait and see.”


Steve and Tracy's wedding
Tracy is already scouting out Cheshire castles for her upcoming nuptials, but does anyone really believe that her big day will go ahead without a hitch? Steve's growing attraction to Abi is a time bomb waiting to go off for starters. And when you consider the marital history of both these characters, you just know that wedding woes are just around the corner. Fingers crossed we do get to see that Dirty Dancing routine, though...


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