Coronation Street: Tyrone and Alina to split as Fiz’s new man prompts jealousy?

Dramatic scenes in The Bistro!

tyrone coronation street

It was not a good night on Coronation Street if your name is Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) as he ended up making quite the spectacle of himself in this evening’s episode – and his new relationship with Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) could be in trouble as a result.


It was little Hope that set the series of events off when she teased Tyrone about Fiz (Jenny McAlpine) getting married and how it would mean she would have two dads – a conversation that set alarm bells going off in Tyrone’s head. Things then got complicated when the pair had both arranged dates for the same night and Fiz was rightly adamant that she would not cancel hers because of him.

If that were not awkward enough, both couples ended up at The Bistro for their dates and it soon became clear that Tyrone was not going to casually sit by and watch as Fiz and her potential new man Phil grew closer.

Unsurprisingly, things soon escalated from there but things ended up getting far messier for Tyrone than anyone had expected after Alina headed home with a headache after becoming sick of him watching Fiz like a hawk – and that wasn’t even the worst of it.

phil tyrone coronation street

Left alone to pay the bill, things took an embarrassing turn for him when his card was declined and he was unable to fork up the cash – with Fiz and Phil watching on. But Paul showed how nice he was by offering to pay for the meal and while that was a nice gesture, Tyrone did not take it as such.

Already drunk, the offer sent Tyrone into a rage and he lashed out and attempted to punch poor Phill to the shock and horror of Fiz. Only he was not steady on his feet and he was the one that ended up in a heap on the floor. While he continued to hurl insults afterwards as he left, he soon came to regret it when he returned home to Alina.

She wasted little time in telling him how obvious it is that he is obsessed with Fiz and their relationship now looks on shaky ground. Has Tyrone blown it with Alina, and will Fiz forgive him for how he acted?


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