Coronation Street: Todd makes a shock discovery – and tells Billy a big lie?!

Todd is horrified by what he finds out


Coronation Street’s Todd Grimshaw is in for a big shock next week when he probes into partner Billy Mayhew’s criminal past.


With Billy consumed with guilt over his lies about the armed robbery he was involved in during his youth, Todd urges him to get a grip and promises to do some research about the crash that his boyfriend caused.

Having contacted a private investigator, Todd then reads the subsequent report with horror. But he  goes on to lie to Billy and tell him that – having done some digging – he can assure him that nobody died in the crash.


Billy is overcome with relief, but is Todd telling the truth? After all, there has been recent press speculation that Susan Barlow will be named as the person who died in the collision.

And certainly, when Adam goes on to borrow Todd’s laptop, he’s stunned to see Todd’s search history. Could Billy’s past actions have a devastating link to the Barlow clan?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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