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Coronation Street: Gemma's new man is revealed to be a millionaire

The truth about wealthy Henry Newton comes out

Published: Tuesday, 21st November 2017 at 10:03 am

Gemma Winter looks set to get the shock of her life on next week's Coronation Street when she discovers that a possible new love interest is actually a millionaire.


The upcoming drama sees Gemma crash a high-class house party and catch the eye of the handsome Henry. But any possibility of romance initially seems impossible after police raid the bash and Gemma is forced to take flight.

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But Corrie fans can expect the Cinderella-style storyline to take a new twist when Henry tracks Gemma down to the Rovers, where Liz reveals that he's actually a member of the Newton & Ridley family, the mega rich dynasty that supplies the pub with ale.


A gobsmacked Gemma is thrilled when Henry makes promises to stay in touch, while Liz is quick to point out that the gobby kebab-shop employee has certainly landed on her feet.


However, when it all goes quiet and Henry fails to get in touch, a gutted Gemma starts to think that Henry is all talk and no action.

And Rita certainly doesn't help matters when she suggests that Henry is out of her league! So, has Gemma failed to land her Prince Charming? Or will there be a further surprise in store?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's drama on Coronation Street below


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