Coronation Street spoilers: Steve’s awful secret to be exposed over Christmas – first look pictures

Andrea discovers that Steve has plundered the Street Cars account to fund his lavish lifestyle

Steve’s financial mismanagement is to be laid bare over Christmas after he overspends massively. Viewers have already seen a depressed Steve plough money into repairs on a sports car he recently purchased, but eyebrows will be raised further after he pulls out all the stops at the Rovers in order to give Amy a Christmas to remember.


Eileen and Michael, meanwhile, are concerned to discover that they’ve not been paid. When they can’t get hold of Steve, Andrea phones Lloyd (who’s in Spain over the festive season) and he assures her it must be a bank glitch and gives her the account details. But as Andrea accesses the Street Cars bank account online, she’s horrified to see that the business is £10,000 overdrawn!

Liz later finds Steve hiding in his bedroom and demands to know what’s going on. Steve drags himself downstairs and tries to bluff his way out, telling Eileen and Andrea it’s just a cock-up at the bank and he’ll sort it out. But when Eileen and Andrea start listing all the transactions Steve’s made on the account, Steve feels the pressure building. How will he respond?


You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on Corrie below: