Coronation Street spoilers: Steve humiliates Michelle on Christmas Day, says Kym Marsh

"Steve couldn't be making it any clearer that he doesn't want her, so she knows that she has to move forward with her life"

Michelle Connor is to be left in an emotional state on Christmas Day after her advances are rejected by Steve McDonald.


Steve – who is currently trying to hide his depression from his family and friends – decides to give daughter Amy a festive season to remember. But when he invites Michelle to the family party and drags her upstairs to drop fake snow out of the window, Michelle misreads the signals.

“She’s still struggling with the fact that they’ve split because she doesn’t really feel like she knows why it’s happened,” says Kym Marsh, who plays the lovelorn Michelle. “So when Steve asks Michelle to go upstairs with him, she thinks it’s a sign of him wanting to rekindle things. And as they’re throwing fake snow out of the window for Amy, Michelle gets all nostalgic and goes in for a kiss. But when Steve knocks her back, it all comes crashing down for her. She’s hurt and humiliated by his behaviour towards her and she’s not coping well at all.”

So does this setback mean that there’s definitely no hope for the two of them reconciling? “There’s a scene where Michelle says to Tony that she has to move on,” continues the actress. “But whether her heart is ready to do so is another story. Steve couldn’t be making it any clearer that he doesn’t want her, so she knows that she has to move forward with her life. She doesn’t know what else to do.”

Coronation Street bosses recently confirmed that former Hollyoaks star James Redmond would be joining for a short guest stint as newcomer Hamish, who’ll take a shine to Michelle as part of an upcoming storyline. So will Hamish be a new love interest for Michelle? “Yes, she kind of doesn’t want to move on, but she thinks there’s no hope for her and Steve. When a nice man comes along, everyone encourages her to go for it. But how ready she’ll be is another story.”

Of course, Marsh believes that were Michelle to find out about Steve’s inner turmoil, then the storyline could take a fresh twist. “It would make her realise that it isn’t her or their relationship that’s the problem and she’d obviously do all she could to help Steve get through it. Michelle would never dream of leaving him to go it alone it without her. They both deserve to be happy together and I think with her help, love and support, they might have a chance of getting through it together. I’d love to see them settle down.”

The actress’s optimism will certainly give fresh hope to fans who are desperate to see Michelle and Steve reconcile. Indeed, Marsh herself has had loyal viewers telling her they’re devastated that the pair are currently apart:  “The public definitely want them back together. I’ve had people say that they’re heartbroken that they’ve broken up. But I think they will come out of this the other side.”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on Coronation Street below: