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5 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Daniel and Bethany go public, while Maria cheats on Gary

Plus horror car crash for David

Published: Saturday, 8th February 2020 at 9:00 am

Next week’s Coronation Street sees Beth vent spleen at Daniel and Bethany, while Maria rekindles her romance with Dr Ali. Read on for all the spoilers for 10-14 February 2019:


Bethany and Daniel face criticism

I do wish Daniel (Rob Mallard) would shave off his Beard of Grief. Admittedly, in some lights it makes him look like Kenneth Branagh in his Much Ado About Nothing phase, but in others, it makes him look like Noel Edmonds in his Multi-Coloured Swap Shop phase. Not that Bethany (Lucy Fallon) seems to mind either way, seeing as she ends up snogging his face off this evening. Expect the mood to be broken, though, by Beth (Lisa George), who catches them at it and lets rip with one of her textbook “How could you?! Sinead’s only been dead four months!” tirades.


Cheating Maria

Maria (Samia Longchambon) is once again being defined by her need to have a man in her life. Can’t she take an evening class or something? Subscribe to a few podcasts? But no, she’s opting instead to ping-pong between to local lads, while remaining blinkered about the fact that all this has panned out so badly for her in the past. Goodness knows what the repercussions will be as Gary (Mikey North) plans a secret proposal of marriage, while Maria – who’s convinced that he’s keeping secrets – seeks support from her ex-boyfriend Dr Ali (James Burrows).


Time’s Up for Ray?

There’s been a backstreet Time’s Up movement gathering strength, what with the Weatherfield women uniting to expose sleazy Bistro owner Ray (Mark Frost). Thanks to Bethany posting her story online, the allegations have now become common knowledge. But the big question that remains is whether Abi (Sally Carman) will still opt to go to a local charity gala with the predatory sex pest. For those worried that Abi is being hoodwinked, fear not: she has a plan.


David is rejected by Shona

David (Jack P Shepherd) is having a torrid time of it. First, he crashes the car while the kids are in the back seat. Then he treks up to Leeds, only to be told by the doctor that Shona no longer wants to see him. Once back in Weatherfield, he’s shown support by Maria, who finds him brooding on that bench in Victoria Garden where everyone seems to go to mope. It’s become the Weatherfield equivalent of those playground swings on EastEnders.

Coronation Street David
Dilemma for James

When Ed’s (Trevor Michael Georges) old friend Danny shows up in Weatherfield, James (Nathan Graham) is left heartened when it turns out the Corrie newcomer is out of the closet. With James yet to reveal all about his sexuality to his dad out of fear that Ed is homophobic, might Danny’s news give him the strength to open up. And what reaction will James get from his father if he tells him he’s gay?


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