Coronation Street spoilers: Michael will find out the truth about Gavin, says Helen Worth

"I'm not hopeful that Michael could easily forgive Gail," admits the actress

Don’t expect Michael Rodwell to remain in the dark much longer about the secrets currently swirling around him – Helen Worth says the truth will come spilling out. On the topic of whether Gail and Michael’s relationship is doomed, the actress says, “Well it seems to be at the moment, doesn’t it! I am sure that at some point Michael is going to find out the truth and I’m not hopeful that he could easily forgive her.”


Gail has recently been seen ordering Andy to to keep up with the subterfuge of pretending to be Michael’s son after the real Gavin Rodwell was killed in a road accident. But the situation looks set to become even more fraught when Gail attends Gavin’s funeral, only to find that Michael’s ex-wife wants to bury the hatchet and meet up with him.

“This is her worst nightmare. She has to keep everyone away from Michael. So when his ex-wife says that she wants to tell him about the years he missed with Gavin and make amends for all the lost time, she really has to think on her feet and again uses his health as the reason why this is not a good idea.”

Gail has been trying to keep news of the subterfuge away from Michael’s ears for fear of what the impact will be on his already fragile health. But it seems that the lies are going to end up taking their toll. “It’s really difficult for her,” admits Worth. “She’s doing it all for the right reasons but she knows people are going to get hurt in the long run.”

However, when it comes to Gail’s ability to lurch from calamity to catastrophe, Worth wouldn’t have it any other way. “It would be nice for her to be happy for a little while. But it is fun to play the drama of things going wrong. I’m so lucky to play a character for whom the writers seem to enjoy writing. This is another great chapter in Gail’s life – she never seems to find straightforward happiness, does she?”

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