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Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz attacks Jade and all the explosive action from next week

And who is the arsonist targeting Gemma and the quads?

Published: Saturday, 18th January 2020 at 8:00 am

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod recently used the words “slightly heightened”, “campy” and “bonkers” to describe Jade’s screwy-eyed mission to get revenge on the Dobbs household. He’s not wrong. John “all I wanted to do was teach!” Stape was one of the Street’s most unlikely villains, so I guess it’s in keeping that his secret daughter turns out to be ludicrously evil too.


Only it now looks as though the nanny from hell won’t be getting everything her own way. Convinced that her young daughter Hope has been abducted, Fiz is set to confront Jade and whack her over the head with a chopping board of all things. Let’s hope that Fiz fails to fell her foe with that first blow and follows up with other increasingly heavy-duty kitchen implements. There could be a whole extended sequence in which Fiz resorts to lashing out with a blender, a sandwich toaster and a slow cooker before Jade finally admits defeat.


Bethany has been ill-served ever since Lucy Fallon announced that she was leaving Coronation Street. Recently, Bethany has been portrayed as this no-good homewrecker and I certainly didn’t like the way she was publicly shamed after her involvement with Daniel was exposed. After getting so much flak, it’s no wonder she’s considering spreading her wings away from Weatherfield. Though, of course, it’s Daniel who ends up suggesting what she should be doing with her life, with Bethany seemingly incapable of working it out for herself.


In other news, we have the lives of Gemma and the quads put at risk when their home is targeted by an arsonist. And the writers continue to draw attention to the fact that actress Julia Goulding is set to be away for a while. The upcoming drama sees David insisting to Nick that he’ll visit Shona every day once she’s moved to that specialist unit in Leeds. All of which means that Max will have to stay a few nights a week at Grandma Marion’s. Because, of course, what Max needs most in life is more uncertainty and upheaval.

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