Coronation Street spoilers: Craig will stand by pregnant Faye, reveals Colson Smith

"He has to be the mature one and be a rock for Faye to help her through the pregnancy"

Craig Tinker will vow to be a source of support for best friend Faye Windass next week when she discovers that she’s pregnant.


“They’re both quite emotional,” reveals Colson Smith, who plays Craig. “He knew there was a chance, but the reality is a shock. Craig decides he has to be the mature one and be a rock for Faye to help her through the pregnancy.”

The upcoming episodes will see Craig suggest to Faye that she should take a pregnancy test after she becomes increasingly concerned about her weight gain.

Remembering the rumours surrounding a party held in the summer, Craig begins to suspect that Faye is pregnant. And when the result of the test is positive, he helps her deal with the life-changing news.

“Faye is so scared because she is so young and she has slept with a boy. Her life is about to change dramatically and she is struggling to get her head round it,” continues Smith. “Craig wants her to tell her mum because he knows that if you’re in trouble you should go to an adult. Faye just can’t see that. She just wants it to go away, but Craig knows it is not that easy.”

Petrified that Anna will disown her if she discovers the truth, Faye pleads with Craig to stay silent. So how will the young lad cope with being Faye’s shoulder to cry on?

“Craig is very close to his mum and would usually go straight to her with any problem, but because Faye won’t let him tell anyone – be it Anna or Beth – he is finding it quite difficult. There’s a moment when Faye thinks Craig has said something to Anna about her skiving off school and she tells him that if he says anything to Anna again, she won’t ever speak to him.

“He doesn’t want to lose Faye’s friendship and he wants to be there for her.”


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