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Coronation Street: Seb's secret pain revealed - Harry Visinoni interview

"Seb is ashamed and embarrassed and he doesn’t want Faye to know. No one knows this secret and he wants to keep it that way"

Published: Tuesday, 5th September 2017 at 10:44 am

Seb Franklin's backstory will be explored in next week's Coronation Street when Anna Windass discovers his sad family set-up.


Upcoming events will see Faye decide to flee with Seb, only for him to get cold feet at the last minute.

"Seb has other responsibilities that Faye doesn't know about," says actor Harry Visinoni. "So, although it would be his dream to run away Faye, he can't. He's torn."

In the end, Seb decides to back out and head back to Weatherfield, only for Anna Windass to find him by a lay-by. "Anna is the last person Seb wants to see," adds the Corrie star. "At that moment in time, Seb just feels like he needs to get home."


As becomes apparent, Seb has been keeping a secret from the Windasses: the fact that he is acting as a father figure to twin siblings and that their house is in a state of disrepair:

"Seb is ashamed and embarrassed and he doesn’t want Faye to know. No one knows this secret and he wants to keep it that way.

"Especially taking into consideration his relationship with Anna - she doesn’t like him, so that fuels anxiety for him."

So how bad is life for Seb? "It’s more of a situation where he is treading water, trying to keep on top of it all. But it’s definitely a struggle.

"The situation could be worse, in fact it has been in the past, so that is always hanging over him - he can’t really handle it even though he tells himself he can."


Up until now, Corrie fans have been kept in the dark as regards Seb's behavioural problems and his brushes with the law. But Visinoni hopes that this new drama will provide more of an insight into his character's personality:

"It'll be interesting to see what people think about his story because Seb has always been a delinquent - a bit aggressive without being provoked. I’m looking forward to people seeing why he is the way he is.

"His past and his home life definitely explain why he's so aggressive to people and why he has this alpha-male complex. He's has had to be the man of the house when he shouldn’t have to be."

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