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Coronation Street screens rapist Josh Tucker's exit

Monday's episodes featured a final showdown between David and his attacker

Published: Monday, 1st October 2018 at 8:55 pm

Coronation Street has seen the last of rapist John Tucker after David Platt finally got an admission of guilt from the man who sexually assaulted him. Monday's double bill saw Josh call round to the salon and nervously apologise to David for spiking his drink and taking things too far. An incredulous David then shoved Josh out of the door before grabbing him by the face and telling him it's time he admitted he's a rapist.


Corrie viewers as well as a concerned Billy were then left worried about what a volatile David was going to do when he was seen bundling Josh in his car and driving him away from the Street.


In the end, a showdown saw David stop the car and tell Josh they were at the local police station and that he was about to take him outside. But realising what future now lay ahead of him, Josh pleaded with David not to pursue this course of action. "I'll be branded a rapist," Josh was seen yelling. "I'll get beaten up. My life will be ruined."

Having now had a confession of sorts, David then abandoned Josh at the side of the road and headed home. Tonight's final scenes saw David telling Billy and Shona that he no longer felt himself to be a victim and had got his life back.

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"I don’t think Josh will ever admit for definite what he did to me, but just seeing his fear was enough for me," said David.

Reassuring Shona that he'd managed to find closure, he then added: "I’ve got him out of my head now. I can think clearly. I can breathe. And the air’s never smelt better. I’ve got my life back. Yeah, Josh took part of my soul away from me, but I won’t be a victim any more. It’ll never define me. I’m me again."


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