Sarah Platt is to be left stunned in next week's Coronation Street when she gets a call saying that there's been an explosion in Ukraine and that boyfriend Gary has been killed.


A distressed Sarah will be seen refusing to believe that it's true, until it's revealed that Gary's St Christopher has been found among the wreckage.

An utterly devastated Sarah and Tim then set off to the local prison to tell Anna, who's so distraught that she has to be restrained by a guard.


Meanwhile, David is intrigued by Phelan's reaction to the news and follows him to Nicola's house, where he watches from the car, bemused by what he witnesses.

As Corrie fans know, Nicola is currently expecting Gary's baby following a recent one-night stand, so she's understandably shaken when Pat drops the bombshell news that he's been killed.

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When Phelan leaves, David hammers on Nicola's door demanding answers. Under pressure, she admits to having slept with Gary, but when he sports the pregnancy tablets in her house, Nicola is forced to confess to carrying Gary's baby.

With Sarah consumed by grief, what will David do with this shocking revelation?

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