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Coronation Street reveals Vicky's fate - and vindicates Michelle in the process

We knew she wasn't that much of a pushover…

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Published: Monday, 16th December 2019 at 8:58 pm

Call off the search, Coronation Street's Vicky Jefferies (Kerri Quinn) is not dead - and what's more she's been secretly working with former rival Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) as part of a masterplan for revenge on love rat Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill).


The big reveal that finally solved the mystery surrounding the gobby mum-to-be's disappearance on the day of Robert and Michelle's doomed wedding came on Monday 16th December, when the cheating chef was formally charged with assault.

Viewers saw 'Chelle, disguised in a huge hooded jacket, then sneak off to a dingy hotel where she met up with Vicky, who it turns out she teamed up with weeks ago to frame Robert for murder. The wronged women obviously decided to join forces off screen and make the man sweat for leading them both on as part of his duplicitous double life in which he juggled engagements to pregnant Vicky and oblivious Michelle.

Once 'Chelle found out Robert pledged himself to her and cruelly dumped Vicky, but a furious row in which he demanded Ms Quinn stay away from his wedding ceremony ended ambiguously - fans have been genuinely wondering if he killed her as she hasn't been seen for weeks, with the police suspicious he tried to silence her permanently.

Now the truth is out, and the vengeful ladies are biding their time, with Vicky remaining in hiding, until their common enemy is charged with suspected murder. Quite what happens after that remains a mystery (we only saw Vicky in the final minutes of the episode so there's a lot of explanation to come).

coronation street robert vicky michelle

Vicky may be permanently faking her death and planning to flee the country for all we know, possibly with son Tyler who is also in on the scam. Michelle started to look slightly uneasy with the plot as Vicky rubbed her hands with glee that it was all coming together, and it's all obviously leading to Kym Marsh's exit storyline culminating in her departure on Friday 27th December.

Rumours are flying that Robert is a casualty of the Christmas armed siege, but considering this latest twist he could end up being bars for good. That's if Michelle doesn't get cold feet and get a guilty conscience, then she could be the one going to jail for trying to fit him up… called for the girls to unite months ago, and were among the Corrie fans not entirely sold on how much of a walkover Michelle was being in reaction to Robert's wrongdoings, and Marsh herself told us, before this revelation: "I have wanted to shake her a few times! It did cross my mind she was being a bit too gullible at times in the storyline, but for a long time Michelle had no reason to doubt Robert and his excuses and cover stories were all validated."

We're thrilled normal service has been restored and 'Chelle was playing a long game. But has she got herself into an almighty mess that will be tricky to extricate herself from?


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