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Coronation Street lines up big New Year drama for Rana and Kate

Will the pair reunite as we head into 2019?

Published: Tuesday, 11th December 2018 at 11:02 am

Kate and Rana's on-off relationship will be back in the spotlight this new year on Coronation Street - but will they put past differences to one side and manage to reunite?


In the weeks ahead, #Kana fans will see the fan favourites split after Rana discovers that Kate was planning on sleeping with Adam Barlow in a bid to get pregnant. At first, it all seems to be over for the two of them, but events look set to take a fresh twist after Rana bumps into Kate's ex Imogen during a night out in town.

After Rana reveals that she and Kate have split up, it's clear that Imogen fancies her chances. And on New Year's Eve, Rana will be on the receiving end of a shock when Imogen turns up unexpectedly at the Rovers Return and kisses Kate on the cheek.

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  • As a gutted Rana watches on, Kate prepares to head off into town with Imogen. But, seeing her distress, Imran and Toyah both urge Rana to go after her. A tipsy Rana then confesses to Kate that she still loves her - but will it be enough to bring the two of them back together as the countdown to midnight begins?


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