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Rana dumps Kate after she cheats with Adam in Coronation Street

But Faye Brookes insists it's not the end for Kana…

Published: Monday, 17th December 2018 at 3:06 pm

Popular Coronation Street couple Kana are in crisis when Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) cheats on girlfriend Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia) after her secret plan to use Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) as a sperm donor is exposed and she drunkenly throws herself at Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) seeing him as a potential baby daddy.


On Monday 17 December crushed Kate is forced to admit she'd secretly roped in her boss to father a child without mentioning it to her partner - or Robert's other half Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) - but Rana reels at the deceit and declares she doesn't want a baby anyway. Hitting the bottle, Kate visits Adam and tries to seduce the confused lawyer, and when Rana finds out she breaks off their engagement and it appears it's all over for the girls. Faye Brookes tells us whether Kate's baby dream has wrecked the romance beyond repair…

Why is Kate so determined to rush into having a baby?
It's part of the delayed reaction of losing her brother, Aidan. She has become fixated on her happy ending and hopes she can makes up for not being able to look after her brother by caring for a baby instead. Kate has no outside perspective on it.

Does she realise Rana is not quite as enthusiastic?
No, she has completely got her head in the clouds and has not picked up on any reticence from Rana, which is a bit worrying as they are soulmates and you would think she would be sensitive to her feelings. It shows just how obsessed Kate is with this plan for all the wrong reasons.

What made her think involving Robert was a good idea?
He was basically the right guy at the right time, she was caught off guard and vulnerable and he was also feeling low about his own situation with Michelle. They both thought it was a good solution. Robert is someone she knows and Rana was adamant she didn't want the father to be a stranger, so Kate thought she was doing right by her.

Kate planned to use Robert as a donor

Why didn't they tell anyone about their appointment at the clinic?
They just got carried away and told themselves that they wanted to draw up a firm plan and a contract they could present to Michelle and Rana, showing they had thought it through properly.

Rana finds out and angrily declares she doesn't want a baby - how does Kate react?
She feels a bit of a fool, if she hasn’t picked up on those signals from the closest person to her then what does that say about their relationship? She's also hurt Rana has not said anything sooner, there has been a real breakdown of communication. Kate can't even look at her, she is that upset, she feels like she is looking at a stranger.

Does Kate blame Rana in some ways for this going wrong?
Rana did lead her to believe she wanted the same thing, but if Kate stopped to think about it she'd remember Rana did try and put the breaks on a little bit at the beginning but she was on a mission and Rana backed off from telling her how she really felt. However, she should have been more upfront and stern with Kate.

Rana tells Kate she doesn't want a baby

Why does she try and seduce Adam when she has never been interested in men before?
Kate goes to see Adam as he has been involved in drawing up the contract and knows the situation. She is not thinking rationally at all, she is drunk and starts flirting with him. He kisses her and this idea enters her head that this may be the way for her to get a baby, but it's not who she is and she doesn’t go ahead with it. Kate has lost sight of herself throughout this and is horrified - she had control when she had Robert on board, but now she's losing that control and thinking of nothing other than how a baby will fix everything.

Rana confronts Kate about Adam and dumps her, how does she feel?
Me and Bhavna had some brutal scenes, we wanted them to be real because the characters have been on this journey for so long and fought for so much. They've had to deal with Rana losing her dad, Kate losing her brother, it's been a hell of a year. It's so sad, they thought their feelings for each other would be enough and see them through, but they've not been communicating and everything is too complex to just work out easily.


Can they find a way back to each other?
Yes, without a doubt. The love is still there, they just need to take a step back. I feel like their love will conquer all and will last. With everything out in the open they will start to rebuild and focus on each other and not get hung up on what anyone else thinks. In some ways they needed this to refocus and start afresh. Watch this space, it's not the end for Kana!


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