The court case involving Oliver's right to life in Coronation Street is on a knife edge as Leanne Battersby and Steve McDonald's lawyer urged the court to "give him all the time he needs".


Leanne was in floods at the thought she had betrayed her son, who is comatose due to suffering mitochondrial disease (a disorder caused by mutations in the tiny organelles crucial for our body's energy) when she was quizzed by the hospital trust's lawyer about whether Oliver's movements were involuntary.

She broke down as she read out instances of his movements recorded in her diary which, while upsetting, were not proof that he was responding to external stimuli.

Leanne and Steve (Jane Danson and Simon Gregson) are desperate to prevent the hospital trust turning off Oliver's life support and impassioned performances in court have led fans to ask for awards recognition for Danson.

Leanne and Steve have faced one obstacle after another, whether it's the court case or the lack of emotional support from people they thought should be in their corner. Step forward Leanne's longterm beau, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price).

Leanne seems adamant that their relationship is over after he made it clear that he thought Oliver's case was hopeless. Even Ben Price's fans were aghast at tonight's scene between Nick and Leanne's sister Toyah.

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Her ex, Steve, on the other hand, has been in her corner from day one.

Some Coronation Street fans were moved to defend Leanne's emotionally-charged decisions.

One posted: "Think people need to understand that when it comes to a child rational thinking goes out of the window. Leanne is going through every parent’s nightmare, she doesn’t give a damn about burning bridges, all she wants is her baby to be okay. Heartbreaking viewing!"
The fight to save Oliver's life continues in Coronation Street on ITV on Friday 13th November.


If you want to find out more about mitochondrial disease, visit The Lily Foundation website.
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