Coronation Street mother Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) got some devastating news this evening (21st February) in relation to one of her little babies, Aled.


Having four babies has certainly been testing for Gemma and Chesney (Sam Aston) but that hasn't stopped them being excellent parents to their quads.

However, they suspected Aled was having some development issues and the truth cam out this evening.

When Gemma and Chesney finally got to the hospital, they faced a difficult decision.

The oncologist revealed the little baby had been deaf since birth, and had permanent damage to his ears.

Although cochlear surgery could help, that would be a decision for the parents to make.

However, things took its toll on Gemma as she started to think about the consequences of what she'd been told.

Having realised her boy had never heard the words "I love you" before, the young mother was beside herself.

Chesney begged her not to torture herself, but it was too late, Gemma was too upset to listen.

She even tried to get back in Freshco's good books after initially telling them where to go for their stuffy campaign.

But she got no love from the marketing manager there, who couldn't even pretend to care about Gemma's deaf child.

When she got home, Chesney tried to comfort her but to no avail, with Gemma even muttering the unthinkable - maybe they should have had Aled removed from the womb when they had the chance.

Of course, she didn't mean it and with tensions running high, Gemma resigned to simply giving little Aled the best life possible.

You've got our backing Gemma.

But will she give Aled the best chance possible with the cochlear implant?


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