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Coronation Street's Dev Alahan takes drastic action after Asha's online leak

Asha's leaked video caused him to go to the police

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Published: Friday, 24th April 2020 at 8:00 pm

When Coronation Street's Dev first found out about Asha's topless video, he was heartbroken and shocked to hear about it. Not only that, but he was furious that someone would betray his daughters trust in such a manner.


He had already crossed a line in the eyes of the viewers when he told Asha that her deceased mother would have been ashamed of her, something that the young girl was devastated to hear.

The problems between them both escalated tonight (24th April) and Dev ended up going down a road that Asha had begged him not to.

When the episode began, Asha was still pleading with Dev not to go to the school or the police.

The abuse she has suffered so far has been bad enough for her and she fears that should the police get involved, things will only end up getting worse for her.

Dev wasn't easily convinced and she practically had to beg him to promise that he wouldn't.

Later, she found herself in another war of words with her brother, Aadi. He was still reeling from seeing the video, but his attempts to make it all about him were quickly shut down by a fiery Asha.

She also revealed to him that the abuse was getting worse, reading him a message she had received that was both racist and spiteful.

But if they thought things were bad now, they soon got worse when Dev was told that the video of her has ended up on the internet.

With the knowledge that anyone can see it for the rest of her life, he couldn't hold back any longer and headed straight for the police to station to report a sex crime.


Dev was soon left frustrated though when he learned that there isn't a lot the police can do about the video. They did agree to talk to everyone involved, but this isn't good enough for Dev who can't believe that he isn't going to get help removing it.

As for Asha, she found out what he had done when she overheard him arguing with Gary about Kelly. Immediately confronting him about breaking his promise, she admitted that she knew the video was online and purposely didn't tell him. Where do they both go from here?

Elsewhere tonight, viewers saw Geoff's plan to isolate Yasmeen from everyone she cares about step up a gear. Telling him that all she needed was him, he was confident that he had done a good job. However, next week could see his luck run out.


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