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Coronation Street's David Platt mugged - is his life in danger?

More dark times ahead for David in Corrie!

coronation street david platt muggers
Published: Tuesday, 24th March 2020 at 3:08 pm

Coronation Street's David Platt has been down on his luck and making rash decisions of late, one of those decisions was to sleep with Alina after hearing that Shona wants a divorce and when Gail learns what he did, she is furious.


Viewers will recall that Shona experienced memory loss and brain damage following her shooting by the crazed Derek Milligan.

In the weeks that have followed the marriage between her and David has only gotten worse with the latest development being her request for a divorce.

It was upon finding out this that David found temporary solace with Alina, but Gail makes it very clear what she thinks of his recent actions and can’t help but make sure her thoughts on the matter are known.

As far as she is concerned, David has betrayed his wife, but he isn’t in the right frame of mind to hear it.

He immediately storms out of the house but, while walking down the street, he runs into another problem when two muggers mark him as a target and drag him down an alleyway.

Things look dicey when he sees that they have a knife and he is forced to defend himself and make a quick retreat up a nearby fire exit.

But this being David, he doesn’t tell anyone what happened to him and proceeds to bottle up all the anger he feels about it.

Even though he is able to make things right with Shona, with the two of them agreeing to a fresh start, it seems that the shock of what happened to him, alongside everything else going on his life, is starting to take its toll.

It seems we may have an indicator of how David is going to handle all this in the coming weeks - and it’s not looking good for him.

soaps coronoation street david platt

Recent location pictures, which appear to be the final scenes filmed before production shut down, show that he begins targeting groups of gangs as a vigilante of sorts.

Taking revenge on them for what happened to him he begins to attack them, but it isn’t long before he finds himself cornered by far more people than he can take on.


Is this the end of the line for David?

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