The course of true love never did run smooth and that's certainly the case on Coronation Street for Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan) and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).


In the coming weeks on the cobbles, the unlikely couple will think about taking the next step, but in true Corrie fashion, it doesn't quite go to plan.

The storyline kicks off when Daisy has a cancer scare after finding a lump on her breast.

Daniel, who lost his ex-wife Sinead to cancer, completely freaks out and causes a rift between the pair.

As for the results of Daisy's tests, viewers will have to wait and see, but what the worrying event does is prove to Daniel just how much he loves his girlfriend.

Speaking about his plans to propose, Mallard told press including that Daniel didn't consider what he had until he was in danger of losing it.

"After Sinead, it was all Sinead replacements. It was Bethany, and then Nicky. And they were all substitutes for what he'd lost," Mallard explained.

"And this is because Daisy is a completely different character to Sinead. Yeah, I don't think he quite realised the depth of his feeling towards her until there was the chance that it would be taken away. But then his own reaction almost ends up losing her in that sense."

But why does he want to propose so soon after Daisy's scare?

Mallard explained: "The realisation that having this event presented to them, a possible cancer scare, making him realise what he actually feels for her, and then going, ‘Well, I might as well do this then.' Because what's the point in holding out if you know how you feel?"

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Daniel's proposal plans are ruined. ITV

While Daniel is whisked away with the romance of it all, what does Daisy make of it?

Jordan explained: "I think she gets swept up in the surprise of it. And it is a very romantic thing on his part. So as he's saying, you know, it makes her realise life is short. So what's the point in waiting around if you love someone? Just crack on! I don't imagine it's the proposal she envisioned for herself, as it is...

"It's not something that she's thinking about. Even though she's very much committed to Daniel and to Bertie. I think that an engagement and a wedding hasn't even entered her brain. So yeah, it's a very pleasant surprise, but it is a surprise."

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As for what the future holds for Daisy and Daniel, viewers will have to wait and see, but we all do love a happy ending, don't we?

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