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Coronation Street: Andy escapes! Oliver Farnworth interview

But will he really manage to make his getaway?

Published: Tuesday, 5th September 2017 at 7:00 am

Andy Carver will try to escape in next week's Coronation Street in the aftermath of a dramatic van crash.


The upcoming drama sees Phelan procure fake passports before tying a terrified Andy's wrists and bundling him into the back of an awaiting vehicle.

Pat explains that the plan is for them to flee to France, but things go badly wrong when the van crashes in nearby woods. Andy will be seen kicking open the doors and discovering Phelan unconscious at the wheel. But will he manage to make a run for it?

Here, actor Oliver Farnworth reveals all about the tense action that lies ahead:

When Phelan reveals he’s taking Andy to France to set him free, what goes through Andy’s mind - does he believe this is really it?
It’s a mixture of complete emotional overload, with a nagging sense of disbelief. Andy knows about Phelan’s daughter - is he a changed man? Has the fact that Andy was so close to death triggered something in Phelan? There’s a lot spinning round in his head. He wants to believe, but the hardened and more cynical side of him is asking questions. Then the closer it gets with the fake passport and the new clothes, Andy starts to buy into it and the more free he feels, the more he dares to believe.

Talk us through the crash and Andy’s escape. When the van crashes, what is Andy’s first instinct - to check on Phelan or just run?
Andy’s tied up in the back of the van to avoid him making any false moves. And the next thing he knows, he’s flying all over the place because the van has crashed and he manages to kick the door open using every bit of strength he has left. He hasn’t experienced daylight for a long time, plus he’s still drowsy from the injury, so he’s disoriented but he does think of Phelan and he runs straight to the cabin to check on him. He manages to free himself from his ties and he calls an ambulance. His first feeling is compassion, but as it dawns on him that this is his chance and he thinks about what Phelan has done to him over the last eight months, he has a complete change of heart. He decides that this is his opportunity - so he puts the phone down and he runs.


As he makes a run for it, what is going through Andy’s mind?
He’s very disorientated and he doesn’t have a plan - he’s also very weak after months of barely even walking. He’s on unfamiliar terrain, he’s sensitive to light. He’s just running wildly through the woods in the hope he’ll come across someone and can make the call for help.

What was it like filming the crash itself? Did you do any stunts?
The van was nicely crashed for us in the woods, then I spent the whole morning throwing myself around in the back of Phelan’s van.

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If you were a betting man, would you put money on Andy coming out of this in one piece?
I’m sure I wouldn’t be allowed to put a bet on it for ethical reasons, but let’s just say Andy gives it his all and it gets interesting.

If Andy makes it out alive, could he ever forgive Phelan for this?
I think Andy would be more interested in never seeing Phelan again rather than any sort of revenge or court case. Andy’s main goal at the moment is to get as far away from Phelan as possible. And hopefully find Steph and disappear.

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