Amy Robbins has said that an "instant rivalry" will form between her Coronation Street alter ego Christina and Jenny Connor (played by Sally Ann Matthews).


The actress has been cast as the estranged mother of Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) - Jenny's stepdaughter. Daisy and Jenny are very close, while she hasn't seen Christina for years.

Next week, though, just as Daisy is dealing with an unwanted admirer – which has turned into social media stalking – her mum arrives out of the blue. Daisy later insists that Christina is not invited to her upcoming wedding to fiancé Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), leaving her mother shocked.

Speaking at a recent press event, Robbins revealed that whatever happens next with Daisy, her character is set to clash with Jenny in a big way.

"Jenny's got a lot of resentment, and [Christina has] a lot of resentment towards her, because really [she's] jealous!" she explains. "[Jenny's] got a great relationship with Christina's daughter, and that's the relationship [she] wants to have with her."

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Asked to expand on the battle between the two women, the star added: "It's instant, instant rivalry. It's a really difficult set-up between the two of them. It's electrically scary, because Jenny's a hell of a force to be reckoned with, and so is Christina."

Jenny is not best pleased to find Christina with Daisy.
Jenny is not best pleased to find Christina with Daisy. ITV

It sounds like Weatherfield had better brace itself! And Robbins teased that the pair are both desperate to win Daisy's love.

"I don't think either of them are willing to back down, and it's all to do with the fact that they both really want Daisy's attention, and they want Daisy to love them more," she laughed.

"We're basically fighting over Daisy! It's not very becoming for a pair of women in their 50s, but that's the bottom line. Terrible arguing, really bad."

There's another catalyst for Christina, though, who feels she has another reason to hate Jenny. "But also, [Christina] believes that Jenny... she ran off with [her] husband! As far as [she's] concerned, she's the reason [Christina's] marriage broke down.

"Now, if you ask Jenny, Jenny will say that isn't the reason, 'Your marriage was broken anyway', and actually she came later. But [Christina has] got it in her head that Jenny is the reason why [her] husband didn't want to be married to [her] any more, or the reason [they] broke up."

We can't wait to see how Christina fares in the face of Rovers landlady Jenny's sharp tongue. While we wait for Robbins's first scenes to air, though, how will she mark the occasion of her first Corrie appearance?

"I'll watch it with my family," she replied. "Two of my sisters live on the same road as me, and I've got the kids here and my husband Robert, so we'll all watch that together."

Robbins added that she has something of a tradition when it comes to watching herself on television. "I'll probably cook for us all, and then I shall do what I always do, which is leave the room and watch it through a crack in the kitchen door.

"I can't watch myself; well I can, but I can't watch myself in front of other people watching me at the same time. I can't bear it!"

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