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Coronation Street's Alya returns as Yasmeen gets a surprising ally

What does this mean for Yasmeen and Geoff?

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Published: Tuesday, 28th April 2020 at 2:50 pm

When Alya left Coronation Street for Spain to attend Zeedan's wedding, she was fully aware that Geoff was bad news and was desperate to get Yasmeen away from him.


The plan was for Yasmeen to go with her, but Geoff was quick to scupper that plan and she had no choice but to go alone.

When she returns to the cobbles, she is shocked to see how bad things have got, with her gran now in police custody on an attempted murder charge after she attacked Geoff with a wine bottle in self-defence.

Alya actress Sair Khan explained why she is back at this convenient time in the storyline. "She heads straight to the police station and wants answers. Alya’s truly shocked but blames Geoff because she knows how twisted he is and how vulnerable her Gran has been".

She soon finds out the situation is direr than she initially thought though when she learns exactly what happened that night. "When Ryan tells her that Geoff is unconscious and Yasmeen might’ve killed him, the gravity of the situation really hits home."

Her frustrations only grow when she learns that Yasmeen has admitted guilt in the attack and may well have given up her freedom as a result with Khan explaining: "She lets rip about her feelings towards Geoff and her concerns that Yasmeen has been brainwashed after months of abuse."

Solicitor, Imran, tells her that whilst he sympathises, her decision to admit everything has made it very difficult for her.

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Her attention soon turns to Geoff. Whilst he is in hospital following the incident, she sets about trying to make people realise the type of person this man actually is.

"She wants to scream from the rooftops about who Geoff really is and what he’s done to her Gran," Khan says, adding that she sets about making sure that Sally starts to have doubts about him.

After heading to the hospital to confront Geoff herself, an outburst doesn't do her any favours and she finds herself on the wrong side of the law. "She’s led away by the police but manages to catch Sally alone and begs her to realise that this is so out of character for Yasmeen. She plants a seed of doubt in Sally’s mind about who Geoff really is."

Will Sally end up becoming an ally that Alya and more importantly, Yasmeen, desperately needs?


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