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Catherine Tyldesley reveals when she's leaving Coronation Street - and whether she'd return

The Corrie star also gives the first details of Eva's dramatic labour scenes

Published: Monday, 23rd April 2018 at 9:46 am

There's major baby drama coming Eva's way on Coronation Street when she goes into labour while isolated at the cottage at which she's currently staying. Will she give birth alone? And can she bring herself to hand the newborn over to Toyah? For actress (and British Soap Awards nominee) Catherine Tyldesley, the plotline marks the start of her eventual exit from the ITV soap after seven years in the role of Eva. So how does she feeling about bowing out? And what are the chances of us seeing Eva again?


So Cath - how long do you have left at Coronation Street?
Only nine weeks! It's going to be very sad the closer I get to finishing - it's the end of an era. Seven years! I've spent more time at the studios than I have at my own home.

A nice way to go out though, making the British Soap Awards longlist?
Oh my god, I'm so chuffed. Thrilled to bits. Keep your fingers crossed.

So, what have you made of Eva's final story? How can you keep track of all this pregnancy deceit?
She's a right one! It's tragic, isn't it? Eva just doesn't think about the consequences, thus she's ended up in quite a pickle.

I believe she's on her own when she goes into labour...
Yes, Eva's stuck in this cottage on her own, so she's pretty terrified. When she's been asked previously about the labour, she's said in her own naive way: "Oh, I'll just take loads of drugs and I'll be fine". But once again she hasn’t thought it through.

When she goes into labour, she's like a frightened animal. She’s in the bathroom when it happens and she does try and prepare herself a little bit by throwing towels down on the floor and trying to get as comfortable as she can. But she’s petrified.

Eva and Toyah

Eva came in as a comedy character, but has become a more tragic figure of late. What have you made of that?
I've always adored comedy, but it's nice to do grittier things. What you'll see over the next few weeks is that she's very vulnerable, but she's also her mother's daughter and does muster up that same strength.

What was been your Coronation Street highlight?
The fight with Maria at the wedding was one of my favourite scenes. One hundred per cent. My favourite time on Corrie was filming the Eva and Aidan wedding, definitely.

Eva and Aidan had a dramatic wedding

Will we be seeing more of you on Loose Women in the future?
I'll be nipping on there every so often for a bit of a chinwag, but I won't be a regular panellist. I'll be focusing on the acting, moving forward. I'm also writing a script at the moment for a comedy series. I think it's funny - whether the rest of the world will is another matter!

Is it strange to be auditioning again after so long?
A little bit, but I was a jobbing actress for a long time before Corrie. I was always very fortunate in that I worked pretty consistently, so I’m hoping the casting directors remember me! It feels like I’ve got fire in my belly and I'm ready to see what the world has to offer.

Can you sum up your Coronation Street years?
The best seven years of my life. I've had experiences and opportunities that I never in a million years thought I'd have. I truly thank my lucky stars and I would love to go back at some point. I know a lot of people say that and then you never see them again, but I would. I'd love to see Eva come back and wreak a bit of havoc down the line. I'd love for Sue Johnston and Michelle Collins to come back too - it was lovely to work with those two and I really enjoyed the dynamic.

Eva with mum Stella

And have you left anything unfulfilled in Weatherfield?
The one thing I wished they'd explored is Eva's dad. I would have loved a storyline in which we got to meet him. So there you go - that's my return plotline sorted out!


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