Coronation Street fans have been left fearing for the future of Carla Connor (Alison King) after she was restrained by paramedics while in a delusional state.


Monday's double bill saw the beleaguered factory boss turn up at Roy's flat, only to start making wild claims about Kate hiding Rana before asking after Aidan.

Despite Carla's insistence that he stay away from the phone, Roy ended up leaving a message with Michelle, telling her that Carla was with him and that she should call an ambulance.


Convinced that Roy was siding with the enemy, Carla made a break for it, but Roy barred her way.

In Monday's closing scene, viewers saw the emergency services arrive on the scene, while Carla - realising what was about to happen to her - screamed that she would never forgive Roy.

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Spoilers: What happens next to Carla after being taken to hospital?

Wednesday's episodes will see Carla awake to find Johnny and Roy at her hospital bedside and freak out. After taking him to one side, a doctor tells Roy that Carla seems keen to see her partner Peter.

Roy then tells Ken, who refuses to call Peter, saying that nothing should get in the way of his recovery following his recent fall off the wagon.

But it isn't long before Peter has arrived at the hospital, where he's told by medics that Carla is being put on antipsychotics and sent home. Peter tells Ken that he's moving Carla in to Number One, but Ken tells him they're not welcome.

In his opinion, Peter is not well enough to look after himself, let alone Carla.


Viewers can expect Ken's fury to mount when he discovers that, as a result of this decision, Roy is letting them both move in to his flat. But it soon becomes apparent that Carla's homecoming isn't going to be plain sailing.

By Friday, Carla has made her feelings known: she doesn't want Roy around. Hence Ken offering him a room - and Peter being left to look after Carla alone. But is this really the most sensible course of action?


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