Fenisha’s pregnancy secret is out on Casualty – how will Jan react to the bombshell?

Things are about to get complicated...

fenisha casualty

Despite being eight months pregnant, Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D’Lima) has been able to keep the secret from everyone at the hospital in Casualty – including Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) who will have a thing or two to say about being kept in the dark about something so serious.


Well, scenes this weekend will see Jan learn the truth and unfortunately for Fenisha, it is not because she gets to be the one to tell her first.

The timing is terrible… just as Fenisha is getting ready to speak to her boss and tell her the truth, she is beaten to it before she gets the chance.

Interrupting her moment, the two are sent to help out when they get a call about domestic violence taking place. Arriving at the scene, they find a lady called Linda cowering from her husband, Kevin, and Fenisha finds herself literally caught in the middle as things are about to escalate.


Before Kevin can harm Fenisha to get to his wife, Linda screams out that Fenisha is pregnant to stop him from hurting her, but Jan is within earshot and hears the whole thing. A stunned Jan tries to process what she has been told and makes a hasty exit when the situation has resolved itself but Fenisha knows she now has to be honest about everything.

And the shocks keep on coming from Jan when she learns not only how far along Fenisha actually is, but that the father is none other than Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford). What will Jan do now that she knows everything?

With Fenisha about to be due sooner than people thought, it seems that things are going to get far more complicated for her before they get better.


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