There is anguish for David Hide (John Derr) on tonight's episode of Casualty as the long-running medical drama revisits his battle with his bipolar disorder.


Viewers know that David has been managing the condition well of late, sticking to a strict routine and remaining in control of things as much as he is able to. But when he heard that Rosa Cadenas (Jacey Sallés) is returning home, he worries that it may upset the balance and cause him to start experiencing problems.

This soon turns out to be the case as despite trying to stick to his routine as much as possible, he begins to look back on his past and it dredges up painful memories of the episode he had that put Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) and her child in danger.

David starts to think that making the marriage work may be too much for him to handle and that, should Rosa learn just how bad things became with his mental health, she would not even be interested in saving it.


These thoughts cause him to admit to Robyn that he does not feel comfortable talking to Rosa about these issues and he instead makes the choice to hide his medication from her and to try and keep her in the dark as much as possible.

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However, the pressure becomes too much for him and following a panic attack at work, he realises he needs to be honest with Rosa about everything and hopes that she will agree to support him through it.

It turns out to be a smart decision as Rosa is delighted at how open he is being and vows to stand by him through it all. Is this the turning point that David has needed?

It has recently been confirmed that, following the production break caused by COVID-19, the cast and crew of Casualty are set to get back to work shortly. Star George Rainsford (Ethan Hardy) took to Twitter to update fans with the news that he will be back filming on the wards in a months time, while adding that he has some "lockdown lard" to shift first. We feel your pain, George.

Sister show, Holby City resumed production recently and the first new episode filmed will be one that focuses on what life is like for the staff at Holby General as they help battle the global pandemic.


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