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Casualty cast: Who is joining, leaving and returning

The faces you want to see when you're in trouble

Published: Friday, 17th April 2020 at 6:09 pm

Found yourself with some extra time on your hands of late, like a lot of us?


Well if you were looking to add Casualty to your watch list but were unsure because you didn't know who's who, here's our guide to every main character currently on the show (and one recently departed one you may well know).

Here's all the runners and riders in Casualty...

Current cast 

Derek Thompson plays Charlie Fairhead

Charlie Fairhead is a lovable Emergency Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. He has been there from the very beginning and all his colleagues go to him for advice. Charlie has pulled the ED through many crises with his loyalty and caring bedside manner. The Ken Barlow of the wards, we would be surprised to see Charlie leave the wards any time soon.

Genesis Lynea plays Archie Hudson

Casualty Archie

Archie Hudson is a Registrar in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. Archie is relatively new to the ED and comes across as a bit full of herself. This has made it a struggle to get on with her colleagues, especially Will Noble. However, she is a capable doctor and was angered when Will got the Consultant post instead of her.

Amanda Mealing plays Connie Beauchamp

Casualty, Amanda Mealing as Connie
Connie is a strong woman who could be referred to as an alpha female. While she can viewed by some as cold and stand-offish, she does have a heart and was deeply saddened when her father died. She has a daughter named Grace who often feels like second fiddle to her job.

Jason Durr plays David Hide

Programme Name: Casualty - Portraits - TX: n/a - Episode: Casualty - Portraits (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: David Hide (JASON DURR) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Alistair Heap

David Hide is a Band 5 Nurse in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. David comes across as quiet, reserved and lacking confidence. Some of his colleagues, especially Robyn, are very keen to bring him out of his shell. However, while David might mostly be in the background, he is a very good listener and a hard worker on whom you can rely.

William Beck plays Dylan Keogh

casualty dylan
Dylan Keogh is a Consultant in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. Dylan often comes across as emotionless and very abrupt. However, he prefers to take the more interesting cases, rather than the highly dramatic life-or-death situations, and still enjoys his work. Dylan much prefers the company of his dog on his houseboat than anyone in the ED.

George Rainsford plays Ethan Hardy

Casualty Ethan and Alicia

Ethan Hardy is a Specialist Registrar in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. He is a kind and hard-working doctor who pays great attention to detail. In 2015 Ethan found out that he has Huntingdon’s disease, which he inherited from his mother. Despite a difficult past and the challenges he faces personally, he cares deeply for others, especially his patients.

Charles Venn plays Jacob Masters

Charles Venn, Casualty (BBC, EH)

Jacob Masters is a Clinical Nurse Manager in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. Jacob sometimes feels things too deeply, and often puts his own life in danger to save patients. He is down to earth and gets along well with his colleagues but can struggle to stay professional. Recently he found out that he is the father of Blake Gardner.

Gabriella Leon plays Jade Lovall

Casualty - Series 34 - EP30

The lovable Jade is a friend to everyone at Holby. She's a fun young woman who loves life, has no ego and is probably one of the most down to earth people you could meet. She had a troubled childhood and spent time in many a different foster home while growing up- surprising many with how far she has come. Despite her good qualities, she does have a lazy tendency to break the rules and cut corners wherever she can.

Di Botcher plays Jan Jenning

Casualty - Series 34 - EP31

Often described as the "mother hen" of the hospital, Jan is one of the most loyal people you can meet- often going into bat for those she cares about. It's nigh on impossible to pull a fast one when Jan is around, she can spot a joker a mile off and shes also very adamant that the old times were the best when it comes to the NHS. She makes no secret of her thoughts that all the paperwork and box-ticking are the reasons it is struggling in the modern age.

Shaheen Jafargholi plays Marty Kirkby

Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) on Casualty

Marty doesn't just love his job, it's what he has always wanted to do and he holds nurses in the highest regard. Despite being good-humoured and very much a people person, his drive to succeed has always outweighed any form of social life. Marty's weakness is a heart that always seems to get broken, but his desire to succeed and land himself in a position of power has always been his driving force.

Tony Marshall plays Noel Garcia

Programme Name: Casualty - Series 34 - TX: 25/04/2020 - Episode: Casualty - Series 34 - EP32 (No. 32) - Picture Shows: Noel Garcia (TONY MARSHALL) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Grabs

Noel Garcia is the receptionist in the Emergency Department at Holby City Hospital. His optimism and cheerful disposition make him the first happy face you see when you walk into the ED. While he loves a cheeky joke, Noel is committed to his job and gets irritated when people do not take him seriously. His colleagues know that they can rely on him to find information that they need and he always takes good care of the patients.

Neet Mohan plays Rash Masum

Casualty - Series 34 - EP31

Rash Masum is the joker of the hospital, always keen to make himself and others laugh. He is also quite the charmer, something that comes in handy at work when it comes to having a good bedside manner. He is, however, quite an anxious person and struggles to believe in himself and his abilities. It's his desire to succeed that keeps him going- well that and his mother; he not only still lives at home, but his mum still packs his lunch!

Amanda Henderson plays Robyn Miller

Casualty Glen and Robyn

Robyn Miller is a Band 5 Nurse in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. The beating heart of the ward, her caring bedside manner is a lifeline for her patients, although it hides insecurity over her academic background. Recently Robyn’s husband Glen Thomas died, leaving her with their daughter Charlotte.

Jack Nolan plays Will Noble

Casualty Will

Will Noble joined the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital as a locum and is now a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency medicine. Will always put his patients first – including before himself and his colleagues – which can make him slightly disorganised. Luckily his charm helps mend bridges, but it will take more than that to become friends with Archie Hudson, who was passed over for the Consultant post.


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