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Casualty's Charlie Fairhead risks life to save Connie - will he die?

Hostage drama at Holby General!

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Published: Saturday, 30th May 2020 at 6:40 pm

As if things had not been bad enough for Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) in Casualty, the down on his luck Holby original finds himself, and Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing), involved in a terrifying hostage situation in Saturday’s episode.


The drama unfolds when Charlie returns to the ED to hand back his uniform following his decision to quit and subsequent alcohol problem. Before he can make it inside though, a man named Mick stops him.

casualty charlie connie hostage

Not knowing that Mick has a gun, Charlie encourages him to enter the hospital when Mick says that he is desperate to see his son.

When they get inside, it does not take long for Charlie to find himself in a war of words with Connie, still bitter at her over what happened with Duffy. It’s at this moment that Mick pulls his gun and starts rounding up hostages- convinced he has a like-minded man by his side in Charlie.

The terror of the situation sparks some life into Charlie, and he hopes to be able to save his former colleagues if he can keep Mick onside. That soon goes south when Mick finds Charlie’s ID badge and quickly turns on him.

To Charlie’s credit, this does nothing to stop him trying to get others out of harm's way and he nobly offers himself up as a lone hostage. Mick agrees and everyone else is released, leaving the two men alone.

An unstable Mick soon breaks down, telling Charlie he has no hope left and whilst Charlie tries to talk him down, will he be able to diffuse the situation enough to get out safely? And if he does, will this act of bravery be the catalyst for him regaining control of his life and returning to work?

In related news, sister show Holby City returns to the screen after a break due to the production shutdown this coming Tuesday, June 2nd, and the tragic demise of Zav is sure to be at the forefront of everybody minds.


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