Jett Palmer (played by Will McDonald), the adopted son of John Palmer (Shane Withington) and his wife Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) is back in Home and Away. And boy, hasn't he grown!


Jett, a regular character on the Aussie soap between 2012 to 2015 originally left Summer Bay to join the armed forces. On Monday 8 April, he reveals he is now in charge of an army platoon and is being sent to Afghanistan in 48 hours!

Home and Away, Jett Palmer, Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn discovers Jett's BIG news and fears for her son's safety. (Picture: Channel 5)

But while John is gushing with pride over Jett's achievements at the age of 20, Marilyn fears for her son's safety as he is sent off to war...

To mark Jett's return to the Bay, here's a lookback to the days when he was just a troublesome schoolboy...

Teenage tearway!

Jett arrives on screen in 2012 and quickly proves a handful, stealing a tourist's wallet, hitting Leah Patterson's son, VJ and clashing with Gina Austin, principal of Summer Bay High.

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Jett's mum dies

Jett is sent to live with a foster family after it is discovered his troubled mum Liz James has died and Jett has kept her death a secret.

Jett meets his dad

When a DNA test confirms Richard Bozic is Jett's biological dad, he decides to take Jett to live with him in West Australia. But Jett hates it there and eventually returns to Summer Bay.

Tragedy for John and Jett...

Gina decides to foster Jett and she and her husband John Palmer eventually decide to officially adopt the lad. But tragedy strikes on the drive to court to finalise the adoption, when Gina suddenly falls unconscious while driving the car and dies from an aneurysm at the roadside.

Jett almost drowns!

Jett is nearly a goner after his boat begins to sink and he starts swimming back to shore. Luckily tough guy Brax is on hand to save the day!

Jett fancies Indi

Jett gets a crush on babysitter Indi Walker and puts Indi's boyfriend Romeo Smith's life in danger when he tries to get him out of the way by locking him in the garden shed!

Jett goes to military school

In 2015, John and Marilyn are unhappy when Jett decides he wants to attend military school. But they have since become very proud of his achievements and recently went to Jett's graduation ceremony.

Home and Away, Jett Palmer, Marilyn Chambers, John Palmer
Marilyn and John bid farewell to Jett as he heads off to Afghanistan. (Picture: Channel 5)

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