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Win an original drawing by Peter Capaldi

How to get your hands on the Doctor's Dalek Doodle

Published: Friday, 25th November 2016 at 3:29 pm

Peter Capaldi has been known to doodle a Dalek but never like this! And now one reader can win this original piece of artwork created and signed by the Doctor himself exclusively for his Radio Times photoshoot. The original is drawn on a 1m2 piece of perspex and autographed by Peter Capaldi.


To enter...

Answer the question below then look out for three more questions, one hidden in each of the next three issues of RT (we’re putting the first online free for you). Once you have all four answers, you will also need to work out the link between them all. Details of how to enter will be printed, along with the final question, in the Christmas Radio Times.

Question One

Which character, played by Alex Kingston, returned to Doctor Who in last year’s Christmas special?

Peter Capaldi draws a Dalek for a Radio Times photoshoot in 2016

For full terms and conditions see here.


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