Why we haven’t seen the last of Broadchurch’s Danny Latimer

Oskar McNamara, who played the 11-year-old murder victim in ITV's crime drama, is keen to emulate his co-star David Tennant and land a role in Doctor Who

On paper, Oskar McNamara’s introduction to acting sounds like a pretty cushy gig – lie around on the beach for a few hours, shoot a couple of short scenes, go home. Job done.


But as Danny Latimer, the murdered schoolboy at the centre of ITV crime drama Broadchurch, the scenes in which McNamara wasn’t playing dead were challenging to say the least.

Just 12 years old when he began filming the series, McNamara was impressive in a sensitive two-hander that revealed Danny was meeting for “cuddles” with his eventual killer Joe Miller, and ended with him being choked to death. Brief as it was, it suggests he is a talented young actor with a bright future.

Turns out he’s ambitious too, and would love to emulate his Broadchurch co-stars David Tennant and Arthur Darvill by one day appearing in Doctor Who. “I am a big Doctor Who fan. I really love it and have all the DVD’s and figures,” he admits.

Now approaching his 14th birthday, Oskar has exams at school this summer and – aware that acting is not always the easiest way to make a living – is keen to continue into higher education.

But acting lessons are on the cards too – and if he gets his way, Tennant and Darvill will not be the only Broadchurch stars to have spent some time in the Tardis.