We finally know exactly when John Simm’s Master is returning to Doctor Who

And it may be sooner than you think


After the first announcement a couple of months ago that John Simm’s villain The Master would be returning to BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, there’s been precious little detail on how the evil Time Lord will fit into the new episodes.


We know that he’ll be interacting in some way with his later self Missy (played by Michelle Gomez), will have a fairly significant role and will be sporting a natty evil goatee, but apart from that his big comeback has been largely a mystery. Until now.

You see, we now know exactly when Simm’s Master is rejoining the fun, and it’s a little earlier than most expected. The BBC has confirmed to RadioTimes.com that we’ll see him in action at some point during the upcoming 11th episode of the current series, aka Steven Moffat’s World Enough and Time, which will air on Saturday 24th June.

This is a whole week earlier than his expected return in series finale The Doctor Falls and just 11 days from now, so fans desperate to relive the days of the Doctor’s head-to-head relationship with the Master don’t have long to wait at all.

And considering the fact that Michelle Gomez’s Missy is also listed in the cast for episode 11, it’s less than a fortnight until viewers get to see Doctor Who’s first onscreen multi-Master story. Guess they did have world enough and time to fit in quite a lot after all…


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Saturday 17th June at 6:45pm