The series finale of WandaVision has revealed the true identity of the mysterious character played by Evan Peters, who has been labelled Fake Pietro or "Fietro" by Marvel fans.


The character made his shock debut midway through the series, turning up on Wanda's doorstep and claiming to be her late brother, the superhero Quicksilver who was introduced – and killed off – in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

However, something was clearly off from the beginning, given that Pietro was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the aforementioned MCU team flick, while Peters played the role in Fox's now-defunct X-Men film franchise.

That opened the door to wild speculation from fans that Marvel Studios were planning to merge the two universes or that perhaps Peters' character was a villain in disguise, with demonic foe Mephisto among the top guesses.

In the WandaVision finale, the answer was shown to be none of the above as the writers offered a much simpler solution. Read on for the spoiler-filled details.

While it may come as a slight disappointment to some X-Men fans, it turns out WandaVision's Fake Pietro is just another ordinary Westview resident – specifically, a struggling actor by the name of Ralph Bohner.

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The revelation comes during a scene between "Fietro" and SWORD agent Monica Rambeau, who he is keeping locked up in his so-called man cave located in the loft of Agatha's creepy home. It appears that he is the Ralph she has been referring to since episode one.

Monica discovers Ralph's acting headshots and realises her kidnapper is himself a captive, wrestling him to the ground and removing the enchanted necklace that was allowing Agatha to control him.

He immediately snaps out of his Pietro persona and is shown to be just as frightened as the other Westview inhabitants, with this moment seemingly bringing an end to Ralph's story and Evan Peters' time in the MCU.

"I just want to say, I am such a huge fan of the Marvel Universe," the actor said in a video shared on Twitter. "It was so cool to come over there and hang out with all those guys, that was awesome."

Of course, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe and so you can never entirely rule out a character's return. For example, Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) made an unexpected comeback after an almost eight-year absence, but suffice to say, it's hard to imagine how Ralph Bohner could play into future crossover events.

Not to worry though, as there are plenty of other big moments in the WandaVision finale to get theorising about, from the fate of Wanda and Vision's children, the whereabouts of White Vision and the Scarlet Witch's exile with the Darkhold. For a full recap, check out our latest WandaVision review.


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