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Who is the beekeeper in Marvel's WandaVision?

Something strange is going on in Wanda and Vision's picturesque neighbourhood.

Marvel's WandaVision - Beekeeper
Published: Sunday, 17th January 2021 at 9:49 am

The first two episodes of Marvel's WandaVision on Disney Plus were relatively light on comic book elements, focusing instead on setting the stage by capturing a charming vintage sitcom vibe - with a few notable exceptions, of course.


One of which being at the end of the second instalment, where Wanda and Vision leave the house late at night to investigate a disturbance and are troubled to see what appears to be a beekeeper climbing out of the sewer.

It's a surreal image that visibly disturbs Wanda, who says a firm "no" in response, before using her reality-warping powers to rewind the programme (forcing her unexpected guest back down under the manhole cover).

But who exactly was this intruder? Are they friend or foe? These are the questions racing through minds of fans in the wait for the next episode and two key theories have already emerged.

Who is the Beekeeper on WandaVision?

The best guess right now is that the beekeeper is an agent of SWORD, a secret agency tasked with thwarting extraterrestrial threats, who are seemingly set to play a major role in WandaVision.

We've already caught a glimpse of one SWORD agent observing Wanda's new sitcom life on a monitor at the end of episode one and they are also likely to be the people attempting to contact her over the radio in the second instalment.

Based on what was said over that haunting transmission, they appear to believe that Wanda is being held hostage in this delusion by an outside force – but as comic book fans know, it's quite possible she is willing it into being herself.

That would certainly explain why she forces the beekeeper back down into the sewers with such decisiveness and apparent aggression, perhaps not wanting anyone to spoil the perfect life she has created.

But another theory cropping up that is also highly plausible is that the beekeeper is in fact a member of the supervillain organisation AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), who are instantly recognisable in the comics for wearing similar attire.

The sinister group specialises in terrifying scientific experiments and super weapons, appearing as a recurring thorn in the side for numerous Marvel heroes across the publisher's comic book universe.

AIM were introduced to the MCU in Iron Man 3, where we met founder Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and saw the damage wrought by their Extremis research, but the group has been suspiciously quiet in the years that followed.

Is it possible that they have been beavering away on a dastardly plot to capture one of the Avengers' most powerful members? It's quite possible given how Wanda was originally an experiment of rival group HYDRA.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to play the long game - a strategy which has delivered some epic payoffs thus far - and is in need of a major new threat now that Thanos has been taken care of.

Keep your eyes peeled for more hints and easter eggs next Friday, when episode three of WandaVision arrives on Disney Plus.

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