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WandaVision episode 2 ending explained: How is Wanda pregnant?

We review the unusual events that conclude the debut double episode of Marvel’s first Disney+ series.

Published: Friday, 15th January 2021 at 9:00 am

The first two episodes of Disney+ Marvel series WandaVision have arrived, and they’ve already introduced fans to a seriously creepy black-and-white (at least to start off with) world full of canned laughter and sitcom sets that seems to have imprisoned our unknowing heroes.


And the conclusion of the second episode throws more fuel onto the fire of confusion, with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) inexplicably becoming pregnant in the final scenes of the episode before a mysterious figure apparently threatens her and Vision’s wedded bliss. (Learn more with our WandaVision review.)

While Wanda’s pregnancy was revealed a while ago in trailers, the significance of it is still unknown, as is the status of this new figure. So what’s going on here, and what could it mean for later episodes of the series? We try to break it down.

Is Wanda pregnant in WandaVision?

WandaVision colour
Paul Bettany is Vision and Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios' WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+.

WandaVision’s second episode had been dropping some slightly creepy hints about children throughout the story, whether it was Agnes’ (Kathryn Hahn) hints at Wanda and Vision looking at school places (“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Wanda replied) or the town’s insistence that the fundraising talent show was “for the children,” the three-word chant taken up and repeated by others like a sinister mantra.

Following this, the episode concludes with Wanda and Vision noting that all their troubles in the talent show were “for the children” – and when Wanda stands up to get some popcorn, both realise how apt this phrase has become, with Wanda now visibly pregnant (see image above) despite not being so when she sat down.

“Vision… is this really happening?” Wanda asks, slightly dazed.

“Yes my love. It’s really happening,” Vision replied – but we’re not so sure.

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Obviously, Wanda couldn’t naturally have become pregnant that quickly, so it seems likely that it’s not a “real” pregnancy after all – instead, it could be part of the illusion she and Vision are currently living in.

With that said, it’s also slightly unclear how “real” this fake reality is. Already in two episodes we’ve seen Wanda and Vision jump between decades, from the 1950s-inspired premiere to the 1960s-style episode two. Who’s to say science and time don’t work differently in this world, with a kind of “sitcom logic” changing the normal rules to make things happen more quickly?

In other words, maybe even if this pregnancy didn’t come about normally it still “counts” – in which case we could be in some trouble, given what happened in the comics when Wanda had children.

Who are Wanda’s children?

Paul Bettany Elisabeth Olsen
Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany with twin babies in WandaVision (Disney+)

In the source Marvel comics, Wanda and Vision also have a relationship, and following their marriage Wanda gives birth to twin boys named Tommy and Billy. Unfortunately, as time goes on it becomes clear that these boys aren’t all they seem, with Wanda supposedly having created them out of thin air with her powers (and possibly also with the broken soul of a demon, because comics).

While the two fake children were swept under the carpet and Wanda’s memories of the event were removed, the incident later reared its head again when Wanda was reminded of their existence, the trauma of losing them driving her mad as she strategically attacked and disbanded the Avengers (who she considered at fault for what had happened to her).

Later, this in turn led to Wanda creating an entire parallel reality (sound familiar?) in the crossover House of M event, which had lasting consequences for the people living in the Marvel world.

But that wasn’t even the last we saw of Billy and Tommy – years later, they inexplicably emerged as teenage heroes called Wiccan and Speed, who had powers similar to those of Wanda and her brother Quicksilver (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the movies) respectively.

While the “brothers” didn’t know each other and were sceptical of their connection to Wanda, it was later confirmed that they were the genetic reincarnations of her and Vision’s children. How exactly this was possible given their age is unclear, though Wanda theorised that her children’s souls could have travelled back in time, or possessed two existing children and overwritten their identities to take over.

These days, Speed and Wiccan use their abilities (super-speed, magic and so on) to fight crime, often as part of the Young Avengers team that also includes Hawkeye protégé Kate Bishop (set to be played by Hailee Steinfeld in the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series) and Cassie Lang, the daughter of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang.

In other words, it could be that WandaVision is setting up some sort of Young Avengers crossover in the future – assuming, again, that this pregnancy is real.

Why is Wanda pregnant in WandaVision?

WandaVision Disney

Now this is the question we can’t stop asking ourselves – because at this early stage, it feels like somebody wanted Wanda to have children. The creepy chants, all the hints that she should give it a go… it’s almost like the world around her was willing these children to exist. So who could be behind it?

Well, the fake commercial in episode two could hint at a HYDRA connection – it alludes to Baron von Strücker, the HYDRA operative who abducted and experimented on Wanda and her brother – so perhaps any remaining members of that organisation are trying to create more superpowered servants by manipulating Wanda, encouraging her to use her reality-warping abilities to make children for herself that they can steal.

Alternatively, it could be that Wanda herself created this entire world to deal with her grief at losing Vision – she certainly seems to be at least partially in control of it – and giving herself the children they could never really have could, as in the comics, be part of this breakdown.

Either way, we’ll be intrigued to see how the twins are presented in future episodes (trailers suggest Wanda and Vision have two babies here as well), and whether they’re the endgame or the byproduct of this strange reality.

Who is the beekeeper?

Bee keeper
The mysterious beekeeper in WandaVision (Marvel)

Sadly not one of Ant-Man’s new villains, this mysterious figure pops up shortly after the discovery of Wanda’s pregnancy, making a loud noise that draws Wanda and Vision outside before emerging from a manhole cover in protective gear, surrounded by buzzing bees.

Upon seeing the man (and the SWORD logo on his back) Wanda responds with an emphatic “no,” the action quickly rewinding back to the discovery of her pregnancy, and this time proceeding without the noise outside. Instead, this time Wanda and Vision find themselves turning from black and white to glorious technicolour, at which point the episode ends.

So what’s going on with this new spanner in the works? It seems likely that, like the mysterious voice over the radio who appears in the episode asking “Who’s doing this to you Wanda?” and the toy helicopter that Wanda finds earlier, this person has come from the “real” outside world, possibly to help rescue the two Avengers.

Alternatively, he could be some sort of threat, hence Wanda’s decision to rewind and cut him out of the story (assuming, of course, that it was her in control). Either way, we’re taking a wild guess that his unusual attire comes from the odd “filtering” effect this world seems to have on people and things, turning what may be a real helicopter into a toy and transforming Teyonah Parrish’s Monica Rambeau into an authentically '60s housewife called Geraldine.

In other words, perhaps someone in protective equipment coming into this world would be recostumed in something similar but more era-appropriate – a beekeeping costume, say – which has the added benefit of adding some creepy buzzing noises for viewers to enjoy.

Notably, the SWORD logo on his back links this man to the mysterious organisation apparently monitoring or otherwise in charge of Westview, which in the comics deals with alien invasions but could have a different focus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Is SWORD friend or foe? Currently, it’s a bit unclear – but we’re sure this is just the start of similar incursions as the series continues.

Next week, Wanda and Vision have to deal with a miraculous pregnancy – and perhaps we’ll discover more about what on Earth is going on alongside that. Frankly, we can't help but think the speculation and fan theorising about this series is just beginning...

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