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Venom sequel “in the works”

We may be about to see a lot more of Tom Hardy’s symbiote in action

Published: Tuesday, 15th January 2019 at 12:18 pm

After becoming a surprise box-office smash, it’s no surprise to learn that a sequel may already be in the works for Venom, the Tom Hardy-starring Spider-Man spin-off about the stirring bromance between one man and a gelatinous alien symbiote.


According to Variety, one of the original film’s screenwriters Kelly Marcel has been brought back on board to pen another film in the series for a “significant” amount of money, with stars Hardy, Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson (who cameoed in the first film as a serial killer who may get his own symbiote in the sequel) all expected to return as well.

There may be one behind-the-scenes change, though, with Venom director Reuben Fleischer expected to be shooting the Zombieland sequel (also starring Harrelson) at the time Venom 2 would begin production, leaving the door open for someone new to take on Eddie Brock and his slithery pal going forward.

As for when we’ll eventually see this sequel, well, it’s still up in the air, though rumour has it that it may crop up in October 2020. If true, it’s not too long before Eddie and Venom are back for more double trouble.


This article was originally published on 8 January 2019


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