Imagine this. You're sitting down to watch your favourite show – in this case Doctor Who, where you're catching up with crucial two-parter The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon – and you start to notice some familiar things.

First you recognise a few street names.

Then you realise they're referring to the general area you live in. That's kind of cool.

Then you go outside and realise there's only one possible place the view they're describing could be seen. The building you live in.

The episode is set in 1969 but no major remodelling has been done since then.

Which means the Doctor and River Song first discovered the Silents IN YOUR BASEMENT 45 years ago.


Apparently, this is exactly what happened to redditor IsFullOfIt (yes, we're hoping their name is not an indication of the veracity of this post, but it does sound completely genuine).

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