This inspiring Doctor Who video shows the true appeal of the Doctor

“We all need a hero like the Doctor”


In the run-up to the current series of Doctor Who, we all enjoyed the series of official short clips created by fan and special effects artist John Smith VFX, which showed off the unique appeal of the Doctor compared to other heroes (for example, the fact that he doesn’t have a tank or a warship – he has a phone box you can call for help).


And now BBC America have released a new version of the trailers that combines all the clips into a cohesive whole, while also adding in new footage of the Doctor saving a small bird from a crumbling city (as well as some stirring background music that makes the whole thing that bit more epic).

“He always looks out for everyone, no matter who,” new companion Bill says in a voiceover, before concluding “We all need a hero like the Doctor – now more than ever.”

When combined like this, the clips (which are loosely based on a quote given by head writer Steven Moffat in 2013 about the Doctor’s appeal, as you can see below) seem less like teasers and more like a mini-treatise about what makes the Doctor (and by extension Doctor Who) so special.

Frankly, we’ve never seen the Doctor’s USP put quite so well – not even in the series itself.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Saturdays at 7.20pm