The new Star Trek TV series has a name and a spaceship

Prepare for Discovery


Just days after it was revealed that Netflix had snapped up Bryan Fuller’s new Star Trek series for worldwide distribution, we’re learning even more about the hotly-anticipated sci-fi show. Or you could say…we’re DISCOVERING more.


Yes, that’s right – the new series will officially be called Star Trek: Discovery as revealed during a panel at San Diego Comic-con today, where punters where also treated to a look at the Discovery ship the name comes from (as is tradition in the series with Star Trek: Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Nine and more).

Excitingly said ship can be seen in the newly-released “test flight” video below, and it’s clear that this is a rather different sort of Federation starship, more functional and birdlike than we’ve seen before.

There’s still no news on the cast of the series yet, but frankly this is all looking very promising. Consider us fully engaged.


Star Trek: Discovery begins production in Toronto this September