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The Boys newcomer teases Stormfront and Homelander clash

The Amazon show's new star Aya Cash has revealed why Homelander is so intimidated by her character Stormfront in season two.

Aya Cash in The Boys
Published: Wednesday, 19th August 2020 at 11:54 am

The Boys' new star Aya Cash dropped major hints about the fraught relationship between Stormfront and Homelander that'll play out in season two.


The 38-year-old actress is introduced in the Amazon superhero show's upcoming season as Stormfront, a Neo-Nazi 'supe' who becomes the newest addition to The Seven.

Speaking to ComicBook ahead of The Boys season two's debut, Cash said that Homelander (Antony Starr) begins to feel threatened by Stormfront because he's finally met his match.

"I think she's not scared of him and there's really no-one in the world who is not scared of him," she said.

She continued: "I think she's not scared of him because she is as strong or almost as strong as him, so she's not intimidated by his powers, but I also think that she reads him really well and I think she's there to get under his skin and to show him that there's a new boss in town and there's a different way to lead."

Cash, who is best known for starring in comedy-drama You're the Worst, also spoke to about taking on the role of Stormfront, which has been gender-swapped for the TV show.

"Stormfront’s interesting because I’m used to playing 'bad girl' characters, meaning deeply traumatised or self-destructive women who you don't necessarily see as the girl next door with the heart of gold, but are this is sort of the opposite."

"She’s almost the ballsy girl next door with a heart of acid, so that’s a really interesting dynamic and I’m used to with characters seeing the other switch," Cash continued. "But it’s really fun to play a character you even agree with sometimes, but her intentions are not good."

Developed by Eric Kripke, The Boys was adapted from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comics of the same name about two rival superhero groups for Amazon Prime Video last year.

Speaking to Digital Spy about his decision to stray from the comics by depicting Stormfront as a woman, Kripke explained that he wanted to create Homelander's "worst nightmare".

"And his worse nightmare would be a strong woman who wasn't afraid of him and preceded to steal his spotlight."

He also added that he wanted to showcase how Stormfront uses social media to build support for her racist values, saying: "A lot of hate and negative thought these days, if you look online, is packaged in really slick, social media-attractive ways. It's not like the old dudes with crew cuts in the 1960s newsreels anymore."

Season two will see Karl Urban return as The Boys' leader Billy Butcher, who is dealing with the fallout of discovering that his missing wife is in fact alive, and raising a baby fathered by his nemesis, Homelander.


The Boys season two is arriving on Amazon Prime on Friday 4th September. Check out our lists of the best Amazon Prime series and best movies on Amazon Prime, or see what else is on with our TV Guide.


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