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The Boys goes "much further" with more extreme season 2

"We just go above and beyond in terms of insane, jockeying moments," says series star Jack Quaid.

The cast of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, including Karl Urban and Jack Quaid
Published: Thursday, 16th July 2020 at 3:30 pm

Season one of The Boys featured some pretty crazy - and, let's be honest, disturbing - moments, including a woman being vaporised way back in episode one.


But according to series star Jack Quaid, who plays "Wee" Hughie Campbell, the upcoming second season goes way beyond what we've seen for far, with plenty of "insane, jockeying moments" to keep us on the edge of our seats (and our fingers over our eyes).

“We have gone so much further,” Quaid told Entertainment Weekly. "No one is ready. Really. No one. I have done things this season I will never forget, [things] I’ve never done in my career and probably will not in the future. We just go above and beyond in terms of insane, jockeying moments."


Meanwhile Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is on the run after being framed for murder, but no one knows where he is.

"It's a bit of a mystery," said Urban on his character's whereabouts. "The Boys are on the back foot and spend a lot of their time trying to make an impact and get traction for taking down the Supes. Just because they're wanted and in hiding doesn't mean they're gonna stop doing what they do. So, the objective is still fundamentally the same."

Season one ended on a huge cliffhanger, after Billy Butcher discovered that his missing wife - whom he believed Homelander had raped and killed - was still alive, and raising Homelander's superhero baby.

Season two of The Boys will premiere on September 4th 2020. You can watch The Boys season one on Amazon Prime Video now. Check out our lists of the best Amazon Prime series and best movies on Amazon Prime , or see what else is on with our TV Guide.

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