Did you spot this sneaky Doctor Who Easter Egg in The Boys?

Ring the cloister bell: the Amazon superhero series features a subtle nod to Jodie Whittaker's sci-fi character.

the boys doctor who

Whale whale whale, this is an unexpected but welcome sci-fi crossover: looks like the new season of Amazon’s The Boys features a subtle nod to the BBC’s Doctor Who.


As spotted by one eagle-eyed viewer (RadioTimes.com’s Sci-fi Editor Huw Fullerton, to be precise), turns out that Frenchie – the weapons expert played by Tomer Capon – appears to be a fan of Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation of The Doctor.

Well, a feline version of her, anyway: during the third episode’s speedboat/whale chase, the character wears a t-shirt emblazoned with a cat sporting Whittaker’s Who outfit.

Stripy jumper? Check. Grey long coat? Check. That’s definitely The Doctor.

(You can even buy the t-shirt yourself here).

Here’s hoping Doctor Who will return the favour and drop a big reference to The Boys in the upcoming Christmas special Revolution of the Daleks . Especially if that entails Bradley Walsh’s Graham ramming one of the tinpot terrors with a speedboat at top speed.

Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about that whale scene in The Boys, Jack Quaid (who plays Hughie Campbell) joked the moment was actually “torture” to film.

“The whale was insane,” he recalled. “I don’t think I’ll ever do anything like that again in my career. It was a first, for sure. Although if I know [showrunner] Eric Kripke, he’ll continue to torture me and I’ll wind up in the belly of some other animal.”

He added: “I don’t know if ‘fun’ is the right word, because it was the stickiest I have ever been. But it was really impressive how they built this set that was the interior of a whale with a beating heart and blood flowing from the severed veins.”


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