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Stranger Things star Shannon Purser received the perfect message from her barista

Barb will never be forgotten.

Published: Thursday, 8th February 2018 at 4:37 pm

Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser has shared a photo of a message scribbled on her coffee cup in support of her unlucky character Barbara "Barb" Holland. The barista feels that "Barb deserved better" – a sentiment shared by many fans who were horrified by her storyline in season one.

Luckily Purser appreciates the support, writing: "thanks guys".

Barb was abducted into the Upside Down by Stranger Things' bloodthirsty monster, the Demogorgon, who had already taken little Will Byers. But while everyone gathered to search for Will and fretted over his fate and his mum Joyce (Winona Ryder) was determined to save him, Barb was practically forgotten.


Viewers hoped the shy teenager had managed to survive the ordeal – but Eleven discovered her dead body at the bottom of an empty pool. And that was it. Shocked by the handling of Barb's fate, fans started a #JusticeForBarb movement online.

Being dead, Barb didn't appear in season two – but we did finally meet her parents, who were still on the hunt for their "missing" daughter.

Still, it seems the undercover "Barb deserved better" operation is still going strong – and they have found a way to get a message to their Queen. The leader of this mission appears to be "Gail", who wrote on Twitter:


After seeing the tweet, she responded:


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