Stranger Things writers tease season 4 episode titles

The writer's room Twitter account may have just revealed some interesting info about the upcoming fourth run.

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The Stranger Things writers have been teasing some details about the upcoming fourth series of the Netflix sci-fi show and may have given away the titles of two early season episodes.


The writer’s room account on Twitter originally teased fans by posting, “It’s actually really hard knowing every single thing that happens in season 4. You should feel rly bad for us.”

It then followed up that tweet with a further post adding, “What does any of it mean, you know?”

Naturally, the two tweets prompted quite a reaction from the account’s followers,  and one Stranger Things fan tried their hand at asking what the titles for episodes two and three were.

Surprisingly, the account responded to the request – revealing that the episodes were titled “Tick Tok Mr Clock” and “You Snooze You Lose” respectively.

Whether these are actually the real titles of the episodes or just joke responses designed to throw followers off the scent remains to be seen, but the tweets will certainly lead to discussion among fans.

The Stranger Writers Twitter account later posted another tweet which, unfortunately, seemed to confirm the episode titles were just a humorous way to tease fans.

Sharing an apparently mock title for episode four, they added: “This is called hilarious comedy.”

What we do know for sure is that the first episode of the fourth run will be called The Hellfire Club – information that was first revealed way back last November.

At the time, the same Twitter account had posted, “looking for new members… are you in?” alongside an image of the front page of the episode’s script.

In the time since then, there’s been slightly less good news for fans of the show: the coronavirus pandemic has caused major production delays to the series, with filming having only started up again this month after it had been paused back in March.

The time away from filming wasn’t entirely unproductive though, with the writer’s room having tweeted back in June that all of Stranger Things season four had now been written.


Whether any of those episodes are really named ‘Tick Tok Mr Clock” and “You Snooze You Lose”, we’ll have to just wait and see.

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